Reconstruction of “Kharkivski” water treatment facilities

Client: Municipal Enterprise “Pleso”

Types of works performed:

Project description. Reconstruction of storm water purification facilities that are in a non-operating condition and do not perform their functions of purification of rainwater that is dumped into Lebedyne Lake.  According to the project, the lake surrounding territory will be equipped with a park area and will receive a more powerful and compact rainwater purification system. In the course of works, GARANTBUD LLC optimized the project and suggested to change a drilling technology and to shift from using jetted piles to drilled piles.

This decision reduced the number of piles from 95 pcs. up to 70 pcs. and increased the carrying capacity from 40 to 120 tons and significantly accelerated construction and installation works, which enabled us to proceed to the second stage – placement of concrete – much faster.

Approximate terms: second quarter of 2019.