Reconstruction of dams of sludge fields 1 and 2 of Bortnytska Aeration Station

Client: Municipal Enterprise “Kyivbudrekonstruksiya”

Types of works:

  • topping of flood-breaking dams around sludge fields (150k m3);
  • topping of cofferdams for creation of cascades (18,720 m3);
  • construction of a system of sludge delivery to the beds (6,823 m3);
  • construction of facilities for flow of sludge water along the cascades (18,870 m3);
  • construction of a system of removal of sludge water outside the sludge beds (49,920 m3);
  • construction of process passways with installation of lifting gate at the points of access and exit (9,493 m);
  • reconstruction of drainage channel;
  • construction of walkways and staircases for maintenance of the sludge filling facilities.

Project description. The main objective of reconstruction of sludge beds is extension of their service life (to 5-7 years) at the expense of improvement of accumulation capacities. GARANTBUD was given a complicated task – to increase capacity of settling accumulation according to the requirements of Bortnytka Station and, at the same time, create a system of measures aimed at prevention of environmental disaster.

Terms: July 2022.