Complex of landslide protection measures for strengthening of Dnipro slope near pedestrian bridge (2 travelling circus)

Client: Municipal Enterprise “Kyivbudrekonstruktsiya”

Types of works performed:

  • construction and installation works on the slope strengthening, construction of piles that hold a large array of landslide ;
  • construction of a monolithic reinforced concrete raft that connects and binds piles together in a strong engineering structure. The design of the rafter also includes a complex drainage system that should streamline the surface run-off and reduce the load on the existing water disposal networks.

Project description. Dnipro slopes of the right-bank part of Kiev are a complex of engineering networks that restrain and prevent the development of such extremely dangerous hydrogeological processes as landslides. One of the areas where the most dangerous active landslides take place are the slopes near the pedestrian bridge – the 2nd Travelling Circus.

In connection with that, project institute “Ukrspetstunelproekt” developed a project of fortification of the sloping array. This area is particularly complicated on all counts: relief, geology, engineering and technical accessibility, utility networks, etc. The result of the work performed by Garantbud LLC will be the construction of an extremely important engineering structure, which will make further development of negative geological processes impossible and protect items of cultural heritage of Kyiv from destruction.

Terms: end of 2018.